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Pre Glazed, Unitized Curtain Wall by Crawford-Tracey

Four-Sided Structurally Glazed, Unitized Systems...

Crawford-Tracey Corporation is one of the first companies in the United States to offer a four-sided structurally glazed system. The four-sided structurally glazed system is like an aquarium, the exterior glass is adhered to the frame on all four sides using sturdy structural silicone. This creates a barrier wall system that is almost impervious to air and water infiltration. This method also allows for a more contemporary, all-glass façade (butt-glazed) appearance, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, anchors or screws that penetrate the frame to the exterior.


These units are pre-glazed in Crawford-Tracey’s controlled factory environment. Once assembled, they are shipped to the job site based on the project schedule, quickly installed and “dried in” with a silicone weather seal. The weather seal creates a single, consistent barrier to prevent water from entering between units. No caps are required, only applied for aesthetic purpose if desired.

Quality Control...

​Crawford-Tracey’s systems are fabricated and assembled in their manufacturing facilities located in Deerfield Beach and Jacksonville, FL. Their clean, carefully controlled environment is ideal to minimize error and allow for the structural silicone to set and cure without exposure to outside elements, dust, and dirt. This ensures a durable, long-lasting adhesion to the framing. For this reason, four-sided structurally glazed systems typically have higher water resistance ratings over other types of assemblies – Crawford-Tracey systems have the highest rating in the industry at 100psf. Additionally, they employ craftsman and train their shop staff to assure quality standards are met in the fabrication and assembly of all their framing components. 


Aside from higher water resistance, properly designed, four-sided structurally glazed, unitized systems offer a faster dry-in. Unitized systems offer many benefits and are particularly desirable in large cities and sites that have space limitations. When unitized systems arrive at the job site ready to be installed, they save a significant amount of space allowance for storage and staging. The higher performance of these systems makes them slightly more expensive than pressure-equalized or stick-built systems. They require a high level of expertise to create, and a controlled environment to assemble. However, the cost return for that initial premium is well invested, as these systems offer longer life, lower maintenance, and less water infiltration issues.

Pro-Tech Performance...

Pro-Tech is Crawford-Tracey's line of high-performance, pre-glazed, unitized, curtain wall, and Window Wall glazing systems. Pro-Tech offers a complete line of four-sided, structurally glazed products that meet the stringent impact-resistant standards for Florida, including the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and Missile E requirements. Pro-Tech also offers one of the highest water ratings in the industry at 100 PSF - the industry standard is 12 to 15 PSF.  Pro-Tech systems are designed, engineered, tested, fabricated and installed by Crawford-Tracey, ensuring the highest quality product and performance in both manufacturing and installation.

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Comparing 4-Sided Structurally Glazed Unitized System to Traditional Stick Built Systems

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4-Sided, Structurally Glazed, Unitized Systems
  • Barrier wall system

  • Pre-glazed panels

  • Higher energy-efficient ratings

  • Aluminum frame does not penetrate the plane of glass

  • Fast installation and enclosure of the building

  • Repair and maintenance from exterior

Traditional Stick Built Assembly's
  • Oldest glazing system designs

  • Reroutes water and air penetration

  • Requires multiple phase installation

  • Interior is exposed

  • Maintenance requires interior/exterior access

  • Least energy efficient

Videos on Pre-Glazed, Unitized Systems

FIU Residence Hall Installation Video

Pro-Tech 7SG Installation Video

Florida Hospital Installation Video

Presentation on Pre-Glazed, Unitized Systems

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