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Welcome to "Industry Talks" Video Series.  Industry Talks interviews today's top industry professionals who share their thoughts and experience on commercial glazing topics and working with Crawford-Tracey.

Eric Brackin, Senior Project Manager - DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC

Episode 09 - The Benefits of Pre-Glazed, Unitized Curtain Wall (2:26)


Peyton Robertson, Vice President & Division Manager - Brasfield & Gorrie

Episode 07 - The Benefits of Unitized Glazing (2:30)


Jonathan Whitney, Pre-Construction Manager - DPR Construction

Episode 05 - The Importance of High-Performance Commercial Glazing (3:14)

Al Fernandez, President - ANF Group, Inc.

Episode 03 - The Building Envelope and Working with Crawford-Tracey (1:03)

Adolfo Cotilla, Principal Architect - ACAI Associates, Inc.

Episode 01 - Working with Ray Crawford and Crawford-Tracey (1:14)


Ray Crawford, President - Crawford-Tracey Corporation

Episode 08 - Discussing the Pro-Tech SG System  (1:25)


Al Fernandez, President - ANF Group, Inc.

Episode 06 - Top Rated Glazing Systems for Protection During a Hurricane (1:06)


Paul Beers, CEO - GCI Consultants, Inc.

Episode 04 - The Importance of the Building Envelope (1:05)


Bill Gallo, Principal Architect - GalloHerbert Architects

Episode 02 - Selecting the Right Glass and Glazing System​ (2:02)

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