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Architectural Symposiums 

Crawford-Tracey Corporation co-founded the Glass+Metal Symposium in 2012 with the first event in Jacksonville, FL.  The 1/2 day symposium was created to provide a unique and informative educational experience for architects and industry professionals with a focus on the design and construction of the building envelope specific to the needs and requirements of Florida.  Ray Crawford, President of Crawford-Tracey, was instrumental in the overall concept and implementation of this event, bringing architects, developers, GC's and industry experts together to one venue.  Today, the Glass+Metal Symposium has become Florida's premier educational event, with its fast pace style of presentation from industry leaders such as Viracon, Dow Corning, Eastman, GCI Consultants and others.  


      "I believe our best clients and partners are those who are well educated in product performance, codes and

      construction  methods. We continue to reach out to the A+D community to promote product knowledge and quality
      products and installations."
    - Ray Crawford, Crawford-Tracey Corp.

For the latest information on the Glass+Metal Symposium visit:

Our History of Glass+Metal Symposium's 


Ft. Lauderdale, FL - September 2018

Orlando, FL - June 2018

Jacksonville, FL - June 2018

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - September 2017

Tampa, FL - October 2016

Orlando, FL - June 2016

Jacksonville, FL - June 2016

West Palm Beach, FL - October 2015

Estero, FL - October 2015

Miami, FL - April 2015

Orlando, FL - November 2014

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - February 2014

Tampa, FL - May 2013

Jacksonville, FL - November 2012

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