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AIA/CES Course Summary

Program Title: Water Resistance for Commercial Systems


AIA Course Number: CTC302-0115


Program Sponsor: Crawford-Tracey Corporation


Provider Number: 70118113


Length:  One Hour   Credits:  One Learning Unit    HSW: Yes  


Course Description: 

This course will examine the potential effects of water infiltration through commercial glazing systems. Additionally, this course will address the basic requirements, testing protocols, design criteria and product evaluations for commercial systems and their performance related to water resistance.


Learning Objectives:  After completion of this course, participants will be able to understand the following:

  • Define Water Infiltration as required in Impact and Non-Impact Glazing Systems

  • Define Wind Speed Charts (MPH) and compare required water infiltration resistance (lbs./per square foot)

  • Compare the AAMA requirements for water infiltration versus actual project conditions

  • Review and Apply good design criteria to limit water infiltration



Method of Delivery: The approved Crawford-Tracey facilitator will utilize a PowerPoint presentation to provide an in-depth overview of architectural decorative glazing.  The presentations will be interactive and presented on-site at the participant’s office.


A/V Needs: The Crawford-Tracey presenter will need electrical power and a white screen or white wall (min: 6’ x 6’).  The presenter will supply the laptop and projector (if needed).


Target Audience: Architects, specifiers, designer, owners and other related design professionals.  The ideal audience size is 10 to 60 people.


Facilitator Qualifications: All Crawford-Tracey facilitators have been trained on CES guidelines and presentation skills.  Additionally, they have in-depth knowledge of architectural glass and specialty glazing products.


Cost: Crawford-Tracey Corporation sponsors this program, and there is no cost to bring this program into your firm or chapter meeting.


AIA Course Directory: Building Science & Performance 


AIA Topic Area: Building Envelope




Note: The provider for this course is Donovan+Associates, a Crawford-Tracey continuing education partner

For more information visit: or call Crawford-Tracey at 954-698-6888

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